AI art tool Midjourney has all the answers to the “what if” question

Inspired by recently released images of the universe by NASA, the first wave I feed it In the Research Laboratory’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) instrument the Midjourney was a “spaceship surrounded by galaxies”. The result, shown below, was an image of a ship suspended in space that seemed to reflect the universe around it – and … Read more

Why is the healthy food movement spreading across India

professional food photographer From Mumbai, Pawan Mangalani knew how to eat healthy food, but during the stressful months of the first lockdown, he stopped taking care of himself. Processed foods, sweets, alcohol and soft drinks entered his diet and continued after the pandemic. Manglani, 36, was able to see the changes in his body and … Read more

Inside Delhi’s Malviya Nagar, a window into the country’s history

Deep in the hollows of Malviya Nagar, where narrow alleys twist, sway and explode in lanes of dangling electric wires, lies a grounds of worship. This is the Bijumpur Mosque, but if you ask your way into the secluded area in search of it, you will not be directed to it immediately. First, you’ll be … Read more